Every relationship is either growing or decaying. You can’t coast uphill but if you’ve been ignoring the health of your relationship, we’d bet you’re steadily sliding into decline and damaging habits that will drain you of your energy and happiness?

Yes? Check out the Deadly D’s below.

The Deadly D’s

The Deadly Ds

Here at Your Marriage Success we call the slide into decline the Deadly D’s and it’s a destructive cycle that almost always ends in relationship death.

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If you’re in a marriage, and you’re stuck in the Deadly D’s, it means you’re likely on the path to divorce with all of the pain and expense that decision involves.

And if you don’t believe in divorce and are determined to stick it out, no matter how painful it is, it means you’re on the path toward spiritual death.

This is serious stuff. Relationships form the very core of our spiritual development and if we don’t figure out how to have successful relationships then we are in for a lifetime of woe.

If you’re stuck in the Deadly Ds or think you may be at a crucial decision point, it’s time to get the support and tools you need to turn your relationship around.

There is a beautiful light at the end of this tunnel and it is possible to bring a marriage back from the brink. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

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