We’re taught that all we have to do is find the right one and everything will be amazing and perfect forever.

If you’re here it’s because you’ve learned that it’s a lie.

Most of us – okay, ALL OF US! – grew up in imperfect families and we watched our parents have imperfect marriages and we’ve brought our expectation and baggages and wounds into our marriage.

Those wounds fester and the poison seeps into every facet of our lives.

We get stressed. Our kids get stressed.

Our performance at work suffers.

We start to hide the truth from the people around us because we’re so ashamed that somehow we have totally screwed up something that is supposed to be blessed and natural.

Take a breath.

It’s okay.

We’re here to help.

Marriage isn’t easy.

In fact, we believe it’s the furthest thing from easy.

And that it was never meant to be easy.

We believe that marriage is THE primary way that you are shaped into the person that you are meant to be. Where you become ALL of who you are created to be.

And that means that all of your rough edges need to be smoothed and your wounds need to be healed.

That isn’t easy.

Never. Ever.

What we can tell you is that when you dig into this work your life will change. There is hope. There is joy. There are tears as you and your spouse connect in ways that you feared were lost forever.

We believe in you.

We believe in your marriage.

Let’s get started…