Hey there…

May I be candid?

Chances are that if you’re here, things haven’t been right for a very long time. Much too long.

I wish that people would reach out right at the beginning, but the truth is that most couples wait 7 years from the time they realize something is wrong until they get help.

And by then it can feel really late.

I get it.

Relationships are hard. Really hard.

You’ve probably been feeling alone for a loooooong time. You’ve probably known that something was wrong. And you’ve probably looked at your husband and wondered, “How does he not see this?”

How does he not feel that aching pit that you’ve been feeling?

How does he not get it?

By now, you’re wondering if you made a mistake and despairing that the only way out is to burn it all down and start again.

Take a breath with me.

There is hope.

I have watched marriages come back to health even after papers have been served.

Raised from the dead, if you will.

As long as both partners are willing to do the hard work of learning HOW to do marriage, there is hope.

Let’s get on the phone and find out what’s really going on in there.

Maybe we’ll get your husband to start working with me. That’s a pretty common way to start as I find that the husband often has a lot of ‘catch up’ work to do because, really, honestly and for true, they often just don’t see that something is wrong the way that you do.

They’re just not wired that way.

(it’s not that they don’t care, they honestly don’t feel it)

Or maybe we need to do some 1-1 work together to help you find your voice and get your husband on board.

We can do that too.

And maybe we’ll decide that it’s time for a couple’s VIP Day where we get together and hack through all the b.s., and all the confusion, and all the hurt and get to the Root of what is causing the problems so that you can start to build something new.

Something beautiful.

Something so powerful and filling that we have no other word for it other than extraordinary.

Ordinary is boring. Ordinary is numb. I don’t want that for you. Not any more.

You are meant for big things and I’m here to help you get there.

Let’s get started…